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TRaiCE & ProData Science – Unlocking cutting-edge credit risk management, together

We’re thrilled to announce that TRaiCE is partnering with ProData Science AI Consultancy, a data analytics consultancy renowned for its AI-powered, fully automated Machine Learning and Data Visualization solutions. As data and AI enthusiasts ourselves, we believe this partnership will bring the benefits of both to a wider audience.  Here’s more on why we formed this partnership and what our customers get from it (Hint: Better lending decisions).

A banner announcing a partnership between TRaiCE and ProData Science with image of two AI hands shaking
We believe this partnership will bring the benefits of AI & data to a wider audience.

Why we’re partnering with ProData Science

In today’s dynamic economic environment, AI tech can play a crucial role in helping financial institutions make better lending decisions. Our partnership with ProData Science brings together complimenting skillsets in this domain that can help credit risk managers transform their existing risk management processes and gain a competitive edge. In essence, this partnership combines our expertise in LLM and NLP with ProData Science’s expertise in Machine Learning and Visualization.

Simply put, it’s a match made in AI heaven!

Both companies also share a deep commitment to developing solutions that are customer-centric, easy to use, democratize access to data and analytics, and have a transparent workflow to ensure interpretability and trust. As our Co-founder and CAO Joe Kurian put it,

"Teaming up with ProData Science ensures our offerings evolve to meet user needs. With a no-code solution like ProData’s Extreme ML combined with TRaiCE’s LLM capabilities, we can effortlessly build models for different stages of the customer lifecycle".

What our customers get

At TRaiCE, we understand the importance of identifying risks early and quantifying them more accurately. Through our partnership with ProData Science, we can give our customers the ability to do both more efficiently and accurately. Our LLM and NLP models process and extract leading risk indicators from unstructured data daily for early portfolio risk identification. Similarly, ProData Science’s Extreme ML tool employs Machine Learning algorithms to develop powerful predictive risk models that can handle complex variable interactions and facilitate more precise KPI comparisons.

All of this gives our customers portfolio credit risk management that is equipped with the following:

  • Proactive and agile risk detection

  • Continuous monitoring

  • More accurate default probability and other loss severity measurements

  • Stress tests and scenario analysis

  • Measures that meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate a compliance culture

As Rajesh Davar, ProData Science’s Chief Business Officer, put it,

“Our collaboration with TRaiCE is poised to unlock fresh opportunities for our BFSI clients in terms of Risk Management. As they leverage our flagship solutions, Extreme-ML and Insta-Visualizer, for modeling and visualization, TRaiCE solutions will complement their efforts by enabling them to mitigate risks within their corporate portfolios.”

In our humble opinion, this is a win-win for everyone involved! And, we look forward to making it easier for commercial lenders, investors, and risk management teams to access and benefit from the latest credit risk-monitoring tech through this partnership.

For more on ProData Science AI Consultancy, check out their website here

For more on how TRaiCE helps with early risk detection, check out our case study on Pink Energy.


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