Risk Monitoring

TRaiCE is an AI-augmented business risk monitoring and financial Early Warning System that is designed to make life easier for lenders & investors everywhere.
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Tracking portfolio risk consuming all your free time?


Monitoring the vast digital ocean for customer red flags exhausting you?


Outdated risk profiles leaving you vulnerable?


It’s time to try the TRaiCE way!

Daily risk monitoring is demanding!
Introducing TRaiCE -
An automated solution that gives you data-driven indices & insights for easy, comprehensive, daily
risk monitoring.
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  • Captures & analyzes leading indicators of business distress
  • Summarizes & quantifies digital data
  • Ranks entities by risk
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  • Uses Credit Bureau, financial & digital data to compute risk
  • Gives gap-free risk monitoring
  • Reveals red-flags
TRaiCE Benefits
Risk monitoring can be complicated. Simplify it with TRaiCE.
Measure digital data
Quantify non-financial information
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Improve Risk Coverage
Monitor all types of risk, not just financial
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Detect risk early
Identify risk months in advance
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Enhance accuracy
Reduce errors & make data-backed decisions
Monitor risk daily
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Audit all your assets 24/7/365
Automate risk monitoring
Cut down digital research time by about 80%
Our Values
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We are a team focused on executing ideas well.
As John Doerr famously said, “Ideas are easy, execution is everything.”
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Continuous Innovation
We’re always looking to improve ourselves & TRaiCE. Staying on the path of continuous innovation is a sure way to do just that.
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Teamwork & Collaboration
We believe in valuing and celebrating every member of the TRaiCE team. For us, teamwork really makes the dream work!
Meet our people
A team that passionately believes there’s a better and more proactive way to monitor your credit/investment portfolio. We’re firm believers in TRaiCE’s ability to make life easier for lenders and investors everywhere and are on a mission to prove just that!

Our Story

Fast forward to 2016, and the duo decided to stress test their 25-year association by starting a business together! They combined their 20+ years of IT experience to co-found Menerva Software.


With faith in their combined experiences and in their expert team of analysts and developers, the duo forged full steam ahead in their quest to build a customized, AI-augmented risk monitoring solution.


TRaiCE won the ‘Emerging Technologies’ award at the Qatar Fintech Hub Hackathon. We remain committed to improving & expanding the capabilities of our groundbreaking solution. The best is yet to come!

About 30 years ago, two strangers met in the dusty town of Kollam, Kerala, and became best friends. We’re talking about our founders Geetha Ramaswamy and Sony Gabriel, who met in engineering college.


Necessity, as they say, is the mother of all inventions. Working with financial clients, the co-founders discovered that most financial institutions lacked a comprehensive business risk monitoring tool


TRaiCE was officially launched on July 1, 2020. A very proud moment for us indeed!

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