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Early Risk Alerts

An Early Warning Entity Risk Monitoring System 
An EARLY WARNING DEFAULT risk monitoring system that augments financial data of entities and assists financiers with customer and portfolio monitoring, and risk mitigation.

Why Us

We RANK ORDER your customers based on their DEFAULT RISK
You see visibility to internal performance + augmented data in 1 place
We detect risk while you sleep! 
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Real-Time Risk Monitoring

  • Early warning alerts for HIGH-RISK customers
  • Calculate individual client risk for next 3 to 6 months
  • Daily risk analysis for your entire portfolio

Reporting Key Measures Daily

  • DEFAULT Risk Level
  • Probability of Loss
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  • Expected Loss

Automating Customer Management

  • Client-specific actionable suggestions
  • Automatic loan renewal
  • Allowance calculations, and covenant monitoring
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How It Works

Portfolio DEFAULT RISK Monitoring
Is Inefficient And Costly.

Most of your time, effort, and budget goes into sourcing and underwriting new clients, but you still lose hundreds of thousands or millions in defaulted loans annually.

And that was before the global crisis.
In today’s world, you need real-time insights to manage your client portfolio and
mitigate your risk of losses.
Looking for an efficient portfolio RISK monitoring system?
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